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Who Is Aunt Millie?

We are often asked “is there really an Aunt Millie?”  The answer is yes. There really is an Aunt Millie.

Aunt Millie was a daughter of an Italian immigrant who came to America in hopes of a better life.  He settled in Silver Creek NY, married and had 9 children.  Aunt Millie was the 2nd youngest of the bunch. Her mother passed away when she was young, and as a result Millie was made to quit school after 8th grade to take care of the brothers who still remained in the house.   

That is where her talents started to take form.  Making homemade breads, sauces, and desserts mostly from ingredients they grew or raised because it was all they could afford.  Her life was in the kitchen, and she perfected cooking to the biggest of critics, her family.  As time went on she got married. The cooking for her brothers never stopped, they would still drop in daily, now with their children.  All asking can we go to Aunt Millie’s? She’s always got good food.   

That’s where Aunt Millie’s started to take on a whole new meaning.  Her son grew up watching cousin after cousin stop in to eat his mother’s home cooking.  Later that gave him the inspiration to open a restaurant and name it after his Mother “Aunt Millie”…

Established in 1987, we are still a family run business for 30 years using Aunt Millie’s recipes.